It is likely that, having some experience of playing in a คาสิโนสด casino, you have come across a system like the Martingale system. Perhaps at some stage you had thoughts to test it in practice – they say, what the hell is not joking? Needless to say, this system, to put it mildly, is worthless and there is no point in using it? We will tell you about the reasons for such a categorical and, possibly, harsh answer within the framework of this material.

About The Essence Of The System

In this section, we will briefly talk about what the Martingale system is. According to the authors of the system, if there are 2 outcomes of an event, the so-called “law of large numbers” will come into play. To better convey the essence, it is enough to give a simple example. Let’s say there is a coin. If it was thrown 5 times and “heads” falls out 5 times, in this case, getting tails in the next throw, according to the logic of the author of the technique, increases.

Whatever it is – heads can fall a hundred more times in a row, it does not depend on the previous results. However, this is a weak argument for someone who seriously believes that Martingale will help him win at the casino.

Briefly, the work of the system can be described as follows. The player must double his own bet after each loss. Let’s assume that there is no zero sector on the roulette wheel and that you can bet on black and red.

We put the ruble on red, and a black number appears. Further, obeying the methodology, you need to put 2 rubles also on red. In case of repeated loss, put another 4 rubles on red and continue in this progression. Those. 8 rubles, 16 rubles, 32 rubles, 64 rubles and so on. In the end, a different number will come up anyway, and you will win. Actually, that’s the whole system.

Why Doesn’t It Work?

Practice and repeated tests show that in the long term, monetary losses will still be there and it is impossible to get away from them. The thing is that even the most wealthy player does not have an unlimited bankroll, but even this is not the main thing. The whole catch lies in the fact that in any gambling establishment there are table limits that cannot be exceeded – bets above the established limit will simply not be accepted. Thus, despite the abundance of money in the bankroll, you will not be able to complete the progression to the end anyway.

Another argument against Martingale is banal psychology. Suppose you have lost a fairly large number of times and now you have to bet 256 rubles to win 1 ruble. The risk of losing, by the way, does not decrease, you have the same chances of being left with nothing. This is a very strong argument.

Thus, if you have 500 rubles for the game, then when playing roulette using the Martingale system, you will lose them in 10 spins. Surely in your research you have come across long periods when black or red numbers dropped out on the roulette 10 or more times.

No matter how trite it sounds, people come to casinos, first of all, for pleasure, and secondarily for money. Using Martingale is boringly boring, because you will still be at a loss over a long distance. Anyway, the above example confirms this. It is strange to gamble 500 rubles to win บาคาร่าออนไลน์สด just one ruble.

“Win-Win Game System”

It is safe to say that the popularity of Martingale is very inflated, because only a lazy swindler today does not try to joke a few coupons from a gullible beginner, offering him to buy a “win-win roulette strategy”.

The scheme has been worked out for years – the player is offered to “buy a unique game system, thanks to which he can earn several hundred dollars a day without actually doing almost anything. The most non-trivial and interesting variation is when the author of the method puts it on the Internet for free and in the public domain, and leaves a postscript at the end – if the system worked and you were lucky, send a monetary reward to your wallet. And if by chance the player wins, the money will be sent.

Martingale can be offered under various sauces, but this does not change its essence. The casinos are happy to make referral payments to the author of the mailing list, since he recommends using the system in a particular gambling establishment. Fake testimonials are attached, and even whole discussions. Remember, it’s easy to drain your money!

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