If you are not familiar with scratch cards, then it is likely that you are not yet so well versed in gambling jdlclub88. Perhaps, these very scratch cards are one of the most curious phenomena in the gambling sphere lately. Basically, these are instant lotteries that have been ported to meet the needs of a rapidly growing community. All the player needs to do is remove the protective covering from the field in order to find out if the card is a winning card or not.

Virtual cards are externally stylized as classic cardboard carriers, here the cover can be removed using a special key, or using the “eraser” tool that allows you to erase the cover. By the way, users are very fond of washing by hand, and it looks very realistic.

Note that modern instant lotteries have some kind of advantages over their classic counterparts. Here and accessibility (you can play the lottery anywhere where there is Internet), convenient to use, colorful and convenient. It is possible to list the advantages for a very long time, however, in this article we will focus on bonuses that turn scratch cards into a very interesting activity.

So, in modern virtual casinos, instant lotteries are often offered to customers, which, in addition to the classic prize, offer players a number of advantages, such as bonus rounds, symbols, additional functions, which will definitely delight every fan of slot machines, as well as other gambling games. Actually, within the framework of this article, we will try to consider the most interesting offers from online casinos for fans of scratch cards.

Additional Symbols

Often, in instant lotteries, Wild or Substitute has recently been used – a special symbol that can change pictures, which a player needs to get a prize. With a real-world example, consider the range of Playtech. The line of her cards is called X-Men Scratch and here the symbol can replace any of the playable characters (both the villain and the hero) and if the card contains Wild, then the player is guaranteed to receive a payout.

Often, when playing scratch cards online, you can find additional bonus games that are displayed either on the main or on the additional screen. The games are not particularly difficult, you don’t even need a translation to understand the gameplay. In order not to beat around the bush, we will give several living examples that are very popular on the Runet. Almost all of these games are produced by Playtech.

Punisher: War Zone Scratch game. Here, if a white skull appears on the card, the system activates a bonus game, where the player must select 1 of 6 similar symbols displayed on the additional screen in order to find out the amount of payment.

Lotto Madness Scratch game. If a bonus symbol appears on the card, an animated “Wheel of Fortune” appears here, where the payout coefficients are written in the sectors (you can multiply your prize by 10 thousand maximum). The player needs to spin the wheel and wait for the end of the spin to understand what specific multiplier will be used to calculate the prize payout.

The Mummy Scratch game. Everything is very simple – there are 6 sarcophagi, one of which must be opened.

Why Are Bonuses Needed?

Do not miss your opportunities, because in some cases the organizers of online lotteries provide the opportunity to receive absolutely free cards, such as free spins from the world of slots. Free cards are most often dropped in Fantastic Four Scratch and Pink Panther Scratch. In the first case, if all 4 members of the Fantastic Four team appear in the first line on the card, the player receives an additional card of the same denomination. In the second case, it is required that a number from 0 to 3 be displayed in a special field, which displays the free cards won by the player.

Summing Up

Instant lotteries are very popular among modern players and the bonus game is a great opportunity to increase your chances of winning. Leading developers in the industry are working hard to make graphics as realistic as possible, over time tickets on the screen and the procedure for removing the protective coating becomes indistinguishable from real paper tickets.

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