Many of the classic game movies are here: too many, really, to mention. We at Gambling.com have however travelled through the movie archive and chosen the best movies we believe are from all time. Some of you were not on the selection although you clearly agree with some of the options and do not agree. However, the following films explore a wide variety of ‘poker problems’ – from casino games, internet poker and many more. Most significant of all, they’re only nice films. Films are an integral part of our society and also affect the general population. Casino and lifestyles of gamblers have been important for the industry since the early days of cinematography. Many of them really reflect everything in the gambling world including emotion, frustration, still getting a sense that the next gamble will win you the jackpot, etc. There was a common assumption that play was a recreational-activities created particularly to the wealthy before Hollywood began making highlights relevant to casinos. With the spike in success, many people have changed their minds to play. All will now register for an online casino account and spin the cartridges within minutes. 

High roller 

One of the best biographical gambling screens around, Michael Imperioli from Stu Ungar, a pro player notable for being the first poker player ever to win three Main Event WSOP tournaments, is the so-called Stuey. The spectacle of the A.W Vidmer is not a high-octane thriller, but it reveals a guy who once had it all. The film describes the player’s entire life and displays the hedonistic highs and horrible low from beginning to finish. Finally, the tale of Stu ‘s meteoric climb into the top of the gaming world and then catastrophic collapse is as catastrophe as it is amusing when it destroys much of his money on horses.

The cooler

In Wayne Kramer ‘s film, William H. Macy plays an exceptional character. Macy is the ‘cooler’ word – a guy with such poor luck that casinos need him to stand at the pointer table on hot strips. Their chance improves without fail and the shape of the casino is returned. Without fail. But as the cooler changes his own luck, he sees himself unexpectedly as the cheerful charm of any gambler in Vegas – much to the annoyance of his casinos. A fun idea accompanied by a great centrality is a strong insight into the concept of luck and the superstition of casino gaming.


Perhaps the most popular gambling films and a hot classic in the top ten all-time favourites among most movie buffs, Casino is the epic storey of mob-controlled casino gambling in Vegas. The first as casino owner with mob connexions, Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci, a mad enforcer whose increasingly unpredictable conduct risks all their lives. Take into the mix the seductive characteristics of Sharon Stone, a few excellent performances in favour of the film and some of the most harsh and memorable moments in film history.

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